AL REILLY'S CATALYST official website

​Catalyst was formed in December 2008 as a 5 piece unit and over the years it has changed personnel several times to arrive at the 4 piece Powerhouse we have today. This Classic Rock band is the Heart & Soul of Founder Al Reilly on what his dream band should be like. Al's right hand man is Bassist Chris Hume who has been with the band since the second show Catalyst ever played. His solid presence and driving beat bring the rhythm section to that Meat & Potato type of sound found on most Zeppelin albums. Drummer Frankie The Enforcer has played on and off with the band since 2010 and is a solid addition to the band.  The Newcomer to the band is Kerry Kalli who is just an amazing guitarist having played with Al Reilly in a side project before. Together the 4 of them are a POWERHOUSE not to be missed